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Are you looking for boat detailing services in Howell, Michigan or the surrounding areas? Call our boat detailers today at 810-262-0734!

Auto Jeeves provides a wide range of professional mobile boat detailing services throughout all of Howell, Michigan. Don’t just get your boat ready for the water – make it PERFECT! Auto Jeeves can restore your boat back to its former glory with exceptional interior and exterior detailing services. We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction.

When you take your boat out on the water, you want it to look its best, however, it’s not easy at all for the average boat owner to detail their boat inside and out. It’s especially difficult for those who have very large boats with a lot of different parts. Instead of trying to take on boat detailing on your own, why not leave the job up to the boat detailing specialists from Auto Jeeves? We can take a trip down to your location and provide you with the mobile boat detailing services you need to make the inside and outside of your boat look just like new.

For more than a decade, Auto Jeeves has been setting car, truck, and SUV owners up with the detailing services they need. We take the same approach to boats as we do other vehicles when providing our customers with detailing services. During boat detailing, we’ll use high-quality cleaning products and equipment to make your boat shine like it has never shined before. No matter how big or small your boat might be, Auto Jeeves is up for the challenge that comes along with mobile boat detailing.

Boat wash
  • Wash boat to the water line and topside

  • Clean windows

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  • Wash, Polish and Wax hull/topside

  • Clean windows

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Platinum Detail
  • Clean the carpet

  • Wipe down the windows & cubbies

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There are many boat detailing shops that force you to bring your boat to them if you want to have detailing done. This can be a huge hassle for those who don’t have the time to deliver their boat to a shop. Auto Jeeves understands this and comes to you whenever you want to have boat detailing done. We can offer mobile boat detailing services to those in Howell, Michigan area.

Schedule boat detailing services with Auto Jeeves by giving us a call at 810-262-0734.


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